uitvoering metingBetonadvies Gijko was founded in 1994 in Hemiksem, Belgium by Ing. Wilfried Gijbels. In the early years, the main focus of the company was mainly on the supporting services for the cement industry and on the development of concrete recipes and the guidance throughout the process of achievement of quality labels. Initially and geographically our focus was on the Flemish market.

Gradually, the focus was extended into the evaluation of existing concrete structures .
As a result, damage assessment and a variety of destructive and non-destructive measurement testing became part of our range of services.

Nowadays, Betonadvies Gijko is located in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium and the highly-skilled team consists of 5 engineers and 1 architect. Our customers are no longer located only in Belgium and Netherlands but also in the UAE, France, Viet Nam, Cambodia,…. With the acquisition of BAG-Macben bv in 1999, we dispose of a leading company in the market of the import and marketing of high-quality test machines and equipment for the construction industry.