meting stabiliteit

Betonadvies Gijko offers its expertise in the search for an answer to your sustainability-and/or stability problems, using both destructive and non-destructive measurement techniques.

Betonadvies Gijko has extensive experience, know-how and state of the art equipment for your stability studies, using e.g. magnetic reinforcement detection, establishing the reinforcing section (including diameter, location and concrete cover) of your structural concrete element (plates, beams, consoles, …) and using hardness testing (whether or not in combination with core drilling and pressure tests)for establishing the characteristic compressive strength (according to Eurocode 2). In case of degraded concrete structures, Betonadvies Gijko offers an action plan for a judicious and scientific damage diagnosis with the appropriate recovery actions for establishing sustainable solution, in accordance with the European regulation EN1504-9.

  • Visual inspection and assessment of crack pattern, tear, discoloration, rust stains, crumbling,…
  • File study and evaluation of environmental parameters (humidity,...)
  • Basic tests, whether or not supplemented by additional research to reach an assessment of the cause of damage and to estimate the remaining life span (reinforcement detection, electrical potential measurements, determination chloride intrusion, carbonation, petrography, resistivity of the concrete, ultrasonic testing, impact echo ...)
  • Analysis of the obtained results and assessment of the urgency and nature of the recovery actions.
  • Final report: at the customer's request, the conclusions can be presented at the customer’s offices or in our laboratories in Sint-Niklaas.

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If you prefer to execute your own testing, you have the possibility to rent the necessary equipment and laboratory facilities.