Expertise in recipe development

Betonadvies Gijko likes to offer her twenty years of experience to concrete plants and –factories in the development of concrete recipes. According to customer's requirements and the required applications, we advise and counsel in order to create an effective and accurate concrete composition.

Counseling and support in obtaining CE, BENOR and KOMO certification

benor_ce_komoOne of the core services of our company is the guidance of the concrete industry to achieve and retain CE, BENOR and KOMO certification. We currently provide an action plan with the corresponding guidance and support, focusing on and adapted to your internal organization, with which you can obtain and maintain the required quality standards.


Supervising internal tests

We can assist you with various internal tests: freeze - thaw testing, cement testing , water absorption, density of different granulates, ...
We can also assist you with calculations of water requirements , self-compacting concrete, ...

mengsels zand_waterabsorptie

Please contact us if you would like more information about our quality assurance basic training courses for concrete processors.