In-depth concrete expertise since 1994.

Since many years, Betonadvies Gijko is synonym for thorough expertise in concrete and concrete products. Our skilled specialists are the keys to the successes of many of our customers, from the European Union to Southeast Asia. We put our knowledge at the service of the Government, the concrete industry, architects, engineering and other companies and individuals.

Knowhow you can build on

Logo_FerebOur activities are focused on guidance and quality assurance within the concrete industry, damage expertise, damage diagnosis of degraded construction elements as well as the renting of laboratory facilities and technical equipment.

With our care for quality, we support cement processors in developing accurate recipes and supervise the concrete industry to achieve quality labels such as CE, BENOR and KOMO.

Our services regarding damage expertise are focused on the testing of existing concrete structures in order to qualify them for reuse. With these activities we aim both to public services, companies and private clients.

A third domain of activities is concentrated on the rental of services and technical equipment (destructive and non-destructive measurement techniques). We are happy to put our well-equipped laboratory available for both small-scale and large-scale pilot programs, whether or not under the guidance of our experienced concrete technologists. Practically all instruments and testing devices are available for rental as well. Some of those activities are in cooperation with our sister company Macben.

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We are pleased to introduce our organization and our method.
Our company has over the past twenty years an extensive clientele assisted with specialist concrete knowledge. Each member of our team plays a unique role.

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